I can always remember plants.  My earliest memory is looking up through the leaves of the silver poplars in my parents back yard, the way the sunshine filtered through them when I was still in a play pen outside.  My mother was a keen gardener too, and over the formative years of my childhood, visiting nurseries, gardening in our own patch and staying with my grandparents on their farm all made their impression.  This site is a combination of my own gardening successes, stories and the garden path I have been along that has included writing, teaching, consulting, guiding garden tours and designing as well as speaking at various events across Australia. I have published several books on gardening as well as appearing on television and writing regular columns for Australia’s best-known gardening magazines, but this is a much more personal take.  I hope you enjoy sharing The Farm, The Kitchen and Larder, Garden Snippets and getting to know me better.




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