The Japanese Connection

kokedama ballFrom Kokedama balls to Ikebana floral arrangements, it seems more and more of our green life if being influenced by Asia, especially Japan.

As winter approaches it makes sense to start bringing touches of the garden inside – and both these techniques are creative ways of achieving this. So what are they?

Kokedama are moss balls that effectively cover a plants roots and become a suspended sphere of garden. They work really well with a range of plants, and can be grown inside or out, depending on the species of plant grown.  If you’re interested in learning, Matt Carroll, known as the Hortiman, will be holding a 2 hour workshop this Saturday in Waitara. For details and bookings.ikebana

Ikebana is flower arranging with a difference. It balances colour, form, texture and line. People train for years to become Masters of this art form.  The Calyx at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is currently exhibiting arrangements by the School of Ikebana, both as individual compositions and also as a group installation. It will be on display till 28th May.  You can also book in for a half day workshop at the Calyx with  senior teacher Sandy Marker.

For more details check out the Sydney R.B.G’s website or the Australian Sogetsu Teachers Association.


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