The “War on Waste” has its front line in the backyard

wormsThe Chaser turned environmental crusader Craig Reucassel has again been ruffling feathers, this time exposing our disposable lifestyle and unrealistic food standards as largely to blame for massive problems in the ABC’s newest show War on Waste 

Approxiamately half of our household waste is food scraps. Having recently moved from suburbia to an apartment, I have been missing my compost heap and worm farm, but decided to try and instigate a community worm farm at the flats. They live happily near the green bin and yellow bins and now delight in 4 household’s worth of vegetable scraps in their bellies each day. And all the while saving organic matter from growing into landfill and causing methane gas from its anerobic breakdown.

Starting a worm farm does involve a small set up cost, but they can often be bought subsided from the local council.  Any outlay is quickly paid off with free fertisiler im the form of vermicast and worm wee, both great at not only adding nutrition but also beneficial organisms and microbes to your garden.

So now those spent flowers, kitty litter, vegetable peelings and even tea leaves and coffee grounds, have somewhere to go that’s actually doing some good to the environment.

The hungry bin is another great option. It creates an ideal living environment for compost worms. The worms convert organic waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, in a large bin like container not unlike a wheelie. Bokashi buckets are great for people in apartments.

And the upshot of my new venture? Not only do four households now have the option to compost, the kids downstairs finally have some pets. Maybe not quite what they’d imagined but much easier to care for!!


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