New Zealand Plantswomen, Barbara Garrett

Barbara Garrett, director of Barbara Garrett Planting Design Ltd., shared a few of her outstanding planting combinations in Auckland with me on a recent visit.

Her career has seen nearly two decades of imaginative planting and garden maintenance transform urban backyards into retreats and horticultural Eden’s!

Barbara creates enduring plant associations that have year-round seasonality and are based on good bones and thoughtful fleshing out with the perfect planting.

How lovely it was to see how Barbara has cared for these places from tubestock to treescape, punnet to paradise and seed to scenic!  And watched many clients families grow as the garden has too.

In a world of slash and burn and mow and blow, the creation of “slow gardens” which adapt, morph and marvel is truly special.

Barbara Garrett Planting Design Ltd. worked collaboratively with Craig Steiner, from Strass Landscape, who designed and built this hardscape on Auckland’s North Shore.


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